Tractor Performance

Get the most out of your John Deere

EZ Solutions has years of experience in the agri sector and understands the massive fuel costs associated with the agricultural machinery sector, in recent years machinery manufactures has added unnecessary costs to agri contractors and farmers by introducing EGR valves, add blue and diesel particulate filters to their machinery, all this coupled with decreased performance has resulted in larger fuel bills to complete the same work, to some it would appear that the agri sector is been double taxed, their machinery has technology to reduce emissions and they also have a hefty carbon tax added by the government on the other end.


we can guarantee a significant reduction in fuel while increasing performance and reducing and even some cases eliminating add blue completely,
our software rewrites the software in commercial vehicles ECU’s providing more power delivered exceptionally smoothly, with the additional benefit of better fuel economy.


all our work can be totally removed and the tractor returend to its orginal factory settings if required.
we can also do self propelled harvesters agri loaders etc
disclaimer: it is only recommenced to remove add blue function on non road going vehichels