Güttler Simplex Prism rollers

Over 8000 Simplex rollers have been sold worldwide.

Amazone 56Simplex rollers for power harrows, subsoilers and all types of cultivators. The Güttler prism roller really pays for itself.

No more scraper problems, lower power requirement – no braking effect, firmer seedbed, no surface smearing, better crumbling action. These rollers have proven their worth in wet Irish conditions.

Available in light weight synthetic & special stone resistant cast iron with ring diameters of either 45 cm or 56cm. Many widths available up to 6m.

Güttler front presses – Simplex or Duplex versions.

DX front fendt smallSimplex 56 – one row of 56 cm prism rings, front or rear mounted.

Duplex 56 – two interlaced rows of 56cm prism rings, consolidate the seedbed with a self cleaning action. . Special stone resistant steel prism rings are mounted in 2 halves on a large square shaft. Can be rear mounted also. Proven to stay working in Irish fields well after standard presses block up and less power required.

Front levellers & tine units are available. Various widths available up to 6m.

Güttler self-cleaning Prism rollers

The self-cleaning Güttler Prismatic roller with it’s patented ring design is completely PW roller small.jpgunique. The roller has been proven to have a “golden footprint, similar to a flock of sheep”. Broad leaf weeds are suppressed by the aggressive points of the roller, while it has been proven to drastically promote tillering. The points of the Prism Roller slit the ground 305 times per square metre & knead the seed into the ground resulting in good seed to soil contact while aerating the ground at the same time.

It has been designed to work as a rear roller in grassland or as a front press in arable situations. It uses 45/50cm ring pairs.

Güttler GreenMaster – A modular system consisting of 3 machines:

Athlone smaller (3)1. The Güttler Harrowflex, a heavy duty tine harrow up front to open the sward.
2. The Güttler self-cleaning Prism Roller to slit and level the surface and knead in the seeds.
3. An APV pneumatic seeder mounted on top to meter out and spread the seed.

Any combination of these machines can be purchased initially and can be added to at a later stage as your budget allows.

Roller NO tines smallIdeal for grassland rejuvenation, full re-seeds, levelling poach marks, stitching in grass and clover, sowing kale, oil seed rape, lucerne, mustard, turnips, etc. Many units working in Ireland now.

It has proven to be a very effective machine for race course repair and gallop levelling and consolidation.



Ripper-Board for the GreenMaster

Ripper board 1 smallHeight adjustable Ripper-Board with 12mm U-shaped ripper tine – shown below ripping out a weed called poa trivialis in Germany on a Güttler Harrowflex – heavy duty tine harrow.

we are introducing an option of a heavy duty Güttler Ripper Board which can be fitted in

front of the Harrowflex to increase the ripping and leveling action. The Ripper Board is height adjustable and consists of sprung leveling paddles fitted with massive 12mm double tines. It will be a real advantage in difficult conditions in grassland and will help to break up a stale seedbed in ploughed ground.

Ripper Board 2 small

As an option, a simple height adjustable parallel front leveling bar can still be supplied.